Perceptual Motor Program

PMP is a special program that runs at Como every Monday throughout the school year to teach the Pre Primary and Year One students all of the perceptual motor skills that are fundamental to moving efficiently. The program is run in the school hall.

The program develops perceptions and language through experiences that are sequential in design and progressively become more difficult and complex as the year goes on. The basic skills of eye-hand, eye-foot coordination, balance, locomotion and fitness are developed throughout the year along with memory training, using a variety of common and specifically designed equipment.

PMP also involves a strong musical   component with aerobic routines, dance routines and rhythm sticks. Every week at PMP we have a lot of laughs, smiles and fun. The children learn physical independence and personal satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves. 

Physical well being contributes to children’s ability to concentrate, cooperate and learn. Every week when children participate in equipment and floor sessions their confidence grows, problems are solved, language skills develop and fundamental sport skills are learnt. This supports children to move competently into major games and activities.