Talking With Our School


The relationship between the home and the school plays a very important part in a child’s education.

Teachers are responsible for the more formal aspects of children’s learning, and successful teaching builds on the home experiences of the child. This is most effective where there is an active partnership with parents.

Two-way communication is a critical factor in the partnership between home and school.

How Our School Communicates With Families

Our school seeks to engage with our school community through a range of platforms including:

PhoneEmailConnectSchool NewsletterWebsite
AssembliesCase ConferencesParent/Teacher MeetingsOpen ClassroomsSurveys

Parents/Carers need to ensure the school is updated of any changes to contact details.

How Our Families Communicate With The School

Seeking information as early as possible can assist in enhancing student outcomes and address many concerns.

Parents/Carers are encouraged to speak with the classroom teacher, however appointments should be made to avoid disruption to the learning program. This can be done either by contacting the Administration Office on 6445 0350 or by emailing the teacher directly. Contact details for staff are available here.

Interpreters are available to assist parents in communicating with the school. Please contact the Administration Office for assistance.

Parents also have the opportunity for greater involvement in the school through the School Board and the P&C Association.

Further advice and options are outlined through the link below: