Kiss and Drive

Accessing the Como Primary School Kiss and Drive, Coode Street

Important Message regarding Traffic Flow and Safety

Effective from Tuesday 19th July, we request the support of the school community regarding the following movements when approaching the Kiss and Drive at peak times. This is a precursory measure in response to safety concerns as we develop a comprehensive Kiss and Drive Policy. The City of South Perth and local police will be monitoring the situation.

  • Do not turn left off Canning highway onto Alston Avenue. Instead, turn left at the Canning Highway intersection with Thelma Street and join the Kiss and Drive queue with all other parents via Labouchere Road onto Alston Avenue (this route typically is only an extra 60 second journey time).
  • Do not park on corners where yellow line restrictions and solid white lines exist (stationary vehicles must not park within 3m of a solid white line at an intersection – Traffic Code 2000).
  • Do not block an intersection at any time.
  • When exiting the Coode Street kiss and Drive, please turn right onto Greenock Avenue and not Alston Avenue as this will improve the rotation of vehicles at the Kiss and Drive in both the drop off and pick up times.
  • Please refer to the diagram below for more information.

Should you have any concerns of feedback regarding these recommendations, please contact Richard Farmer, Senior Traffic Engineer at City of South Perth,