Specialist Programs


Within the music program, students experience creating, sharing and performing their music for their peers and the school community. Students learn music literacy, performance skills and are taught an appreciation for the music of a range of cultures.

From Year 4, students learn the recorder. Selected students are invited to learn trumpet, trombone or clarinet through participation in the Department’s Instrumental Music School Services program. Our school has two fabulous choirs that perform regularly at school assemblies and events, at choral festivals, and for the wider community. The junior choir is open for all students in Year 2-3, and the senior choir for all students in Year 4-6.


All students Year 3-6 participate in French language and cultural studies. Our French program develops understanding and appreciation of another culture and the ability to communicate through spoken and written forms. Students learn by building on their progressive knowledge from each year level.

Learning programs are theme-based to encourage interest and provide context for real language learning. Music and technology are incorporated throughout the program to further engage the students.


Students from Years 1-6 engage in the Visual Arts program on a weekly basis, exploring a range of mediums and techniques in a purpose-built art room with a working kiln.

Students create works in visual art forms such as drawing, design, painting, collage, mixed media, print-making, textiles, ceramics, and sculpture. They study and apply the skills, techniques, processes and conventions of the visual arts. Elements such as colour, texture, shape, form, space and pattern are explored.

The Visual Arts program encourages students to participate and generate art tha communicates their own ideas. Students learn to respond, reflect and evaluate artworks of their own and others. The Visual Arts program is designed to inspire and enrich all students, encouraging them to reach individual creative potential in a positive, safe and supportive learning environment.


The Physical Education program at Como Primary School develops and enhances the physical activity skills for all students, and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle.

In the younger years, the focus is on developing the key fundamental movement skills such as balance, locomotion and coordination. Upper primary students focus on the refinement and application of movement skills, strategies and tactics in game situations. The program also encourages students to be an inclusive team member, engage in competitive situations in a positive manner, and to come to each lesson ready to participate and learn.

Senior sport runs every Friday afternoon for students in Years 5-6, providing students additional opportunities to apply the skills and game knowledge learnt during Physical Education lessons. Students also have a range of opportunities to participate in school and interschool sporting events including swimming, athletics, cricket, AFL, and soccer.


LEAP aims to provide additional enrichment opportunities for identified students. These students participate in project-based learning programs designed to strengthen higher order thinking skills, and are encouraged to embrace academic challange and to apply their abilities in collaboration with like-minded peers.


LEAP adapts to the needs and interests of the students, and aims to not only extend learning, but to monitor the progress and social wellbeing of gifted and talented students in our school. Students are encouraged to take risks, think outside the box, challenge themselves and to learn from experiences. It is an opportunity for students to question their understandings of the world and to build the critical and creative thinking, and the social working skills, to set them up to excel.