P&C Member Roles

Roles and Responsibilities of Office Bearers

The President ensures an efficient and well run P&C by

  • establishing good relationships with members, being respectful of everyone’s rights and responsibilities
  • developing a vision of where the P&C is heading and what strategies will be implemented to facilitate its success
  • developing a collaborative relationship with the school principal, deputy principal and teaching staff
  • planning meetings and following up on actions from previous meetings in conjunction/ consultation with the executive team
  • embracing the principles of impartiality, tact, respect, inclusiveness and common sense.

The President’s duties include:

  • convening meetings, ensuring that they run in accordance with the agenda and constitution
  • ensuring fair discussion by providing everyone with the opportunity to contribute
  • liaising with the principal, and ensuring activities are sanctioned
  • working with the Treasurer to ensure financial accountability
  • ensuring that the school community is kept informed of activities and developments
  • coordinating P&C items for the school newsletter, and ensuring information is accurate and complete
  • seeking sponsorship for P&C events such as the Quiz Night, Croc Rock and other projects
  • being the public ‘face’ of the P&C.

The Vice-President supports the President by

  • chairing meetings in his/ her absence
  • sharing duties and responsibilities as agreed (outlined above)
  • being supportive and attending meetings.

The Secretary’s role is essential to the effective and efficient operation of the P&C by supporting the President and being responsible for communication and correspondence, and maintaining effective records.

The Secretary’s responsibilities include preparing in anticipation of meetings through

  • notifying members of dates for meetings; preparing and distributing agendas; obtaining reports from sub-committees, receiving and managing correspondence and noting apologies
  • taking minutes of meetings and distributing them promptly
  • updating membership register after each general meeting
  • clearing mail and keeping the President informed on al issues
  • ensuring close communication and cooperation between the parent association, office staff, school staff and parents
  • monitoring the P&C email account and referring enquiries as required.

The Treasurer is accountable for, and reports on, the finances of the P&C. The Treasurer is responsible for:

  • keeping accurate financial records of all receipts and expenditures
  • issuing receipts for all monies received, and paying accounts as authorised
  • banking all money regularly
  • presenting a financial report at each general meeting
  • arranging an externally audited financial report for the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • reconciling deposits and cheque books with monthly bank statements.

The Fundraising Coordinator assists the P&C Committee in coordinating fundraising activities at Como Primary School. Their duties include:

  • maintaining and publicising the events calendar
  • coordinating volunteers to assist deliver of activities
  • providing leadership to event coordinators
  • discussing fundraising options and opportunities at P&C general meetings
  • presenting budgetary requirements for events requiring financial outlay for P&C committee approval
  • providing the President with relevant information for the school newsletter, web site and annual report.

The Grants Coordinator has responsibility for providing support to, and building the capacity of the P&C in the area of applying for external grants, sponsorships and awards. Their responsibilities include:

  • assisting the P&C to integrate grant applications into project development
  • assisting and supporting the P&C in development of grant proposals

The Canteen Coordinator is responsible for running the school canteen and coordinating volunteers. Their responsibilities include:

  • creating a menu which embraces healthy food guidelines (the traffic light system)
  • ensuring the menu pricing structure is sound
  • cleaning checks
  • ordering stock, purchasing ingredients
  • coordinating volunteers for days when the canteen is open
  • maintaining an information pack for volunteers to ensure that there are clear instructions around safe food handling, workplace health and safety, cleaning and other general procedures
  • providing written recipes and guidelines for menu items for volunteers to implement and follow
  • rotating the menu for summer and winter
  • being a central point of contact for the Canteen
  • escalating any concerns/ issues with the School Principal and P&C President

The Uniform Shop Convenor is responsible for

  • Stock control
  • Ensure adequate supply to meet needs of school community
  • Organise volunteer rosters
  • Coordinate supply of inter-school and leavers shirts
  • Consult on proposed changes and suppliers
  • Supporting the overall appearance of the school community

P&C Council Representatives attend School Council meetings and participate in

  • determining the objectives, priorities and general policy directions of the school
  • establishing the curriculum priorities and objectives, shape of the school curriculum and the plans for its delivery
  • developing school development plans incorporating frameworks, priority areas, time lines and evaluation/ review
  • controlling the use of school facilities outside school hours
  • providing feedback to the P&C on the above

General P&C Committee Members

P&C membership is open to all parents of pupils who attend the school, and to any citizens within the school community. The P&C maintains a register of members (i.e. any person who has paid the annual $1 subscription is automatically a member of the association). Parents are able to attend meetings without having to become a member, however if they choose not to become a member they do not have an entitlement to vote. In the spirit of building community and remembering that the children’s needs are front and centre of all P&C initiatives, parents are reminded that the P&C is run in the best interests of our students and not for individual benefit.