P&C Committees

Committee Responsibilities

Subject to direction of the P&C, the responsibilities for the following committees shall be:


  • To prepare a fundraising and event calendar ratified by the P&C
  • Plan, manage, delegate and oversee all fundraising and event activities assisted by the Fundraising Sub-Committee
  • Provide leadership to event coordinators and assist in the execution of all fundraising and event activities
  • Investigate potential opportunities and new ideas for funding new school projects
  • Provide a Fundraising Report at P&C meetings and discuss options and opportunities.


  • To hold a subcommittee meeting as soon as possible after the AGM to plan and gather information on available grants and prepare applications for the year ahead
  • To organise and carry out grant applications as approved by the P&C. Approval can be given either the executive members, which will be ratified at the next general meeting or at the next general meeting (whichever occurs first)
  • Obtain current student numbers from the school office and any other relevant information which may assist in the application for grants
  • To ensure a calendar/ timeline of grants open/ close/ notification dates for the year ahead and adopted at the next possible general meeting


The primary objective of the P&C Safety Committee will be to support safe passage of students to and from school through the development and nurturing of communication, educational and enforcement strategies (where necessary). Two key streams will encompass:

Safety House

  • establishing a geographical area of responsibility
  • establishing a Safety House program for its area
  • monitoring on an ongoing basis of all Safety Houses in its catchment area
  • liaison with the school
  • liaising with neighbouring committees for additional Safety House applications and exchange of ideas
  • reporting to the general meetings and/ or executive meetings of the P&C
  • ensuring Safety House guidelines and policy are followed.


  • development of safe bike and walking paths for students within the school catchment area
  • liaison with relevant local City of South Perth traffic and town planning authorities, Police, Main Roads, Transport Departments
  • coordination of training programs for students in areas of bike safety, road use and pedestrian safety



Subject to direction of the P&C Association the Committee shall be responsible for:

  • The financial management of the canteen
  • Establishing a canteen policy
  • Establishing nutritional guidelines
  • Ensuring relevant legislation in relation to taxation, superannuation, health and safety are adhered to
  • Acquiring all suitable stock and goods for sale in the canteen, fixing and frequently reviewing prices and menus in consultation with the canteen supervisor
  • Acquiring and maintaining suitable equipment provided that the annual expenditure shall not exceed the amount authorised by the P&C Association
  • Establishing a reserve account for the purpose of equipment replacement and long service leave provision for employees
  • Operating a bank account at a level sufficient for the trading capital requirements of the canteen
  • Recruiting volunteers as shall be considered necessary
  • Appointing and paying canteen staff
  • Negotiating individual employee/employer agreements including wages, duties and conditions
  • Providing minutes to all general meetings of the P&C Association and when required to the Executive Committee
  • Establishing credit accounts with suppliers as required for the operation of the canteen
  • Ensuring that Grievance Settlement/Dispute Resolution Procedures adopted by the P&C Association are followed.