Helping the Environment

After watching the program, War on Waste which highlighted the huge amount of clothing that goes into landfill, and seeing a school in the eastern states turn old t-shirts into shopping bags, Room 3 and 4 students and teachers decided to do the same.

Mrs Youd approached Preston Street IGA who agreed to partner Como PS with this project.

Parents, grandparents and other community members brought sewing machines to school and, with old and unused shirts at hand, the students started to transfer these unwanted shirts into fabulous, well decorted reusable shopping bags. Named the ‘Only Our Best’ bags they are also ‘boomerang bags’ because customers who use the bags are asked to return them to Preston Street IGA for others to use.

Channel 10 wanted to film the classes making the bags but at the last moment a breaking news story prevented them from attending. However, the Media Department of the Education Department filmed the bags being made and took photos.

Before the bags were sent to IGA the students paraded their creations on the basketball court whilst we ate our lunch. What a great project, well done Rooms 3 and 4!

Click on the following link to view the video of students putting their sewing skills to the test.