Precocious Program

At Como Primary we have designed a Precocious Student Program to cater for students who are prematurely developed in some faculty or characteristic.

Precocious students are identified through a range of factors and participate in semester long programs where they engage in problem solving and higher order thinking
activities with like-minded peers.

The aims of our program are to:

  • Meet the learning needs of all students
  • Provide classroom differentiation that engages students in curriculum through flexibility and open-ended tasks
  • Comply with the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum
  • Extend precocious learners in an environment where they are appropriately challenged and can apply their abilities with like-minded peers
  • Support students in developing learning abilities in line with ability, not age
  • Provide a framework and structure to cater for the unique needs of Precocious learners
  • Promote a wide variety of methods for recognition of potential
  • Monitor the academic progress and social wellbeing of Precocious learners

This program has been running successfully since 2018 and adapts and changes to the needs of the school. Currently our program consists of 3 focus sessions per week, taking place on a Wednesday with Mrs Ward. Our Precocious Program is separated into a Year 2/3 session and a Year 4-6 session. 

We also run a focus group each semester to cater for students with specific talents with a focus on writing and Numeracy. The Pre-primary and Year 1 students also get an opportunity to participate in a 1/2 day workshop each term.

During these programs students are encouraged to take risks, think outside the box, challenge themselves and learn from their experiences. It is an opportunity for students to question their understanding of the world and interact with like-minded peers to build problem solving skills that set them up for success.